Introduction to SomaticsGreat for newbies!

Learn to move without pain! Somatics will teach you how to release muscle tightness so that function improves and pain ultimately goes away.

Anyone suffering from back pain, neck or shoulder pain, TMJ, sciatica, scoliosis, and other common muscle pain conditions can benefit from the practice of Somatics. This workshop will offer you the fundamentals of the Somatics practice and give you many tools for your pain-free toolbox!

A yoga mat is best for practice, and participants will need to be able to move from the floor to standing. This workshop is suitable for all ages, levels, and fitness abilities.

$40. (Early bird before March 5th is $35).


Yoga PhilosophyGreat for newbies!

How can we take our yoga practice off of our mat and into our world? Join Ian and Emily for tea and discussion (and often homemade cookies!) to learn more about the rich history and underlying teachings of yoga. Ian and Emily teach philosophy in a way that is accessible to everyone, using simple language and modern analogies.

This is a casual environment for open discussion, questions, and discovery. All are welcome. No experience required.

By donation


Mysore Week

Develop and deepen your practice in this self-led Mysore style week. A self-led practice is a powerful way to learn, develop and understand the flow, grace and meditative qualities of this practice. It is open to individuals new to yoga and experienced practitioners.

During this week, you are encouraged to move through the traditional Ashtanga practice at your own pace with help and guidance of a teacher. You will receive individual adjustments and assistance according to your own personal needs and challenges.

Mysore runs from 5:30am-8:00am. You are welcome to arrive at any time during these hours and leave once your practice is finished (please be done by 8:00). This is not a 2.5 hour class.

$30 for members (unlimited memberships). $80 for non-members

Mo Tu We Th Fr

Yin & Nidra with Live HarpGreat for newbies!

Join us for a special edition of our Yin & Yoga Nidra with Michelle Mann-Donegan, accompanied by the ethereal and soothing sounds of live harp, played by Emilie Delorme-Newsome.
The vibrations created from the sound of live music set the stage for a deep and profound yoga practice and deep relaxation.

$25 non-members ($15 members)


Asana, Movement & Mindfulness with Gert van LeeuwenGreat for newbies!

Experience the blending of Critical Alignment and flowing asana in this fun and challenging class. Develop a deeper awareness of your asana practice and find more connection, lightness and strength.

Fridays, May 19 & 26. Each evening will offer a different asana theme. You must register for each one separately.

$40 each ($35 early bird before April 1).

Some yoga experience is required.


Critical Alignment Therapy Intensives with Gert van Leeuwen

Intended for students of Critical Alignment and Yoga for Backs and for any individual interested in exploring this method of practice, these evening workshops are a great opportunity to learn from creator and founder, Gert van Leeuwen.

All levels are welcome.

Sundays, May 21 & 28. Each evening will offer different exercises and themes.

$45 each (early bird $40 before April 1).

Work your body. Calm your mind.