Yoga PhilosophyGreat for newbies!

How can we take our yoga practice off of our mat and into our world? Join Ian and Andrea for tea and discussion (and often homemade cookies!) to learn more about the rich history and underlying teachings of yoga. Ian and Emily teach philosophy in a way that is accessible to everyone, using simple language and modern analogies.

This is a casual environment for open discussion, questions, and discovery. All are welcome. No experience required.

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Yoga Nidra 15 Hour Teacher Training

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that helps us to release tension on physical, mental and emotional levels. In this healing practice of “yogic sleep” we have the ability to reduce pain, replace sleep (it is said to that 20 minutes of practice equals 4-5 hrs of sleep), move into an expanded state of consciousness, release old habits and beliefs, create new neural connections, and find more balance in our lives.

This 15 hour course is open to teachers and committed students who want to understand the process of yoga nidra and learn how to create practices for themselves or to share with patients, students, clients, and family.

What you will learn:
*How to prepare the body and mind for practice
*Benefits of nidra
*How nidra moves us through the koshas (energetic sheaths) and the different levels of consciousness to release, balance, and connect to a higher consciousness
*How to create nidra for group classes/privates
*Understanding the 9 steps as created by Yogiraj Mona Anand and ISHTA founder, Yogiraj Alan Finger, so you can adjust the practice to suit what you are teaching
*We will look at the practice of yoga nidra, what the purpose is, and how we can use different tools to bring balance into our lives
*There will be time for creating practices, practice teaching, and feedback

Required Book:
Yoga Nidra By Swami Satyananda Saraswati

This course will count toward your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours. Friday, November 10: 5-9pm, Saturday, November 11: 1-7:15pm, Sunday, November 12: 1-6:15pm

$325. ($275 before Oct 1)

No refunds after October 20.


Mysore Week

Develop and deepen your practice in this self-led Mysore style week. A self-led practice is a powerful way to learn, develop and understand the flow, grace and meditative qualities of this practice. It is open to individuals new to yoga and experienced practitioners.

During this week, you are encouraged to move through the traditional Ashtanga practice at your own pace with help and guidance of a teacher. You will receive individual adjustments and assistance according to your own personal needs and challenges.

Mysore runs from 5:45am-8:00am. You are welcome to arrive at any time during these hours and leave once your practice is finished (please be done by 8am). This is not a 2.5 hour class.

$30 for members (unlimited memberships). $80 for non-members

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Somatics Refresh

Join Trish for this Somatics refresher! This class will give you the opportunity to review many of the movements learned in the Intro to Somatics Workshop. This is a great opportunity to refine a method that will help release chronic muscular holding patterns in the body to improve function and ultimately restore physical wellness.

Anyone who has taken the Intro to Somatics and/or the 5 week registered session is invited to attend to refresh and refine their Somatic movement and possibly even learn something new!

$18 nonmembers/ $10 unlimited membership holders. (Regular passes or Free Pass cards cannot be applied)

Work your body. Calm your mind.