Missing Links Workshop with Jeff Mah

There are certain movement patterns within our legs and arms that fade within the rigors of daily life. And if we're not careful, this deficit can lead to a host of problems such as excessive tightness, injury, etc.. In this workshop we will explore these patterns, rebuild them, and see how it can transform our practice. Are you ready to regain what you always had? To have more stable joints? Additionally, we will also speed recovery with massage techniques. All levels welcome.

$50 ($45 before Jan 6).

No refunds after January 10.


The Inner Journey: An Introduction to Pranayama with Jeff Lichty

Pranayama is the ancient practice of harnessing the breath to bring clarity to our inner and outer worlds, calm and strength to our yoga postures, and a deeper connection to the self. In this workshop, Jeff will shed light on the benefits of having a regular pranayama practice, and how pranayama can add a new dimension to your yoga journey. He will introduce simple breath practices, accessible to everyone, that will start you on this path.

Jeff Lichty is a long-time yogi and thoughtful seeker of truth and wisdom. He has traveled to India over 17 times to study directly with the Masters of Ashtanga Yoga, and was Authorized to teach the Ashtanga practice by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sri R. Sharath Jois in 2006. He has been teaching full time since then. Jeff studies pranayama directly from Sri O.P. Tiwari, the current president of the Indian Yoga Association who was taught directly by Swami Kuvalayanada of the Kaivalyadhama Institute in India, and offers the pranayama teachings from this tradition. $60 ($50 before Jan 1)

No refunds after January 1st.


Somatics Refresh

Join Trish for this Somatics refresher! This workshop will give you the opportunity to review many of the movements learned in the Intro to Somatics Workshop. This is a great opportunity to refine a method that will help release chronic muscular holding patterns in the body to improve function and ultimately restore physical wellness.

Anyone who has taken the Intro to Somatics and/or the 5 week registered session is invited to attend to refresh and refine their Somatic movement and possibly even learn something new!

January 28 and February 11
$18 nonmembers/ $10 unlimited membership holders per session. (Regular passes or Free Pass cards cannot be applied)

Work your body. Calm your mind.