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Loyal yogis as Yogadotcalm

Yogadotcalm is a warm and welcoming community where individuals come to share, inspire and practice yoga. We approach the yoga practice with a light heart and an open mind.

The variety of classes that we offer are facilitated by a strong faculty of teachers, most of whom have over 500 hours of training and many years of experience. We welcome all students, from the seasoned practitioner to the brand new yogi.

The calm setting of our studio is complimented by big picture windows, which bring in the light and inspiration necessary to the art of yoga practice.

We are so excited that you have found us, and look forward to meeting you on your journey of health, wellness and yoga.

Since our inception in 2002, our mission statement has always been to build a healthy yoga community in which both students and teachers are proud to belong, and to teach yoga in a safe, friendly and fun atmosphere.

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