Yoga Classes

We have classes for all skill levels and intensities. If you're new to yoga, look for our "Great for newbies" label and don't forget to check out our information on Etiquette and Frequently Asked Questions.

$5 Funky Friday Flow

Come get your groove on in this funky flow class! Be prepared for a playful yoga practice, funky tunes, and a whole lot of fun! All levels welcome.

$5 drop-in for non-members
Included in unlimited memberships


This dynamic class introduces a variety of postures – sometimes challenging, sometimes restorative – to open stiff areas of the body and to get you moving fluidly with your breath. Develop a greater sense of body awareness, strength, and agility while you find a freedom to your breath and movement. All levels welcome.

FoundationsGreat for newbies!

This is a great class for beginners looking for an active, movement focused class. Be prepared to learn how to link your breath to your movement through Sun Salutations, and basic standing and seated postures, and possibly work up a sweat in the process. You will gain strength, flexibility, and you will leave with a blissful feeling that you have indeed, worked your body and calmed your mind.

Foundations (Karma)Great for newbies!

A pay-what-you-can style class, this beginner friendly Foundations class is taught by a different volunteer teacher from our community each week. All donations from this class go to our chosen charity of the month. Recommended donation is $5.

Foundations Flow

This is a great class for beginners looking for an active, movement focused class similar to our Foundations class but with a little Flow sprinkled in, so every class is a new experience! Learn to move with your breath, work up a sweat, and build a strong, centered and flexible body and mind.

Gentle YogaGreat for newbies!

Take an opportunity to unwind and slow down in this wonderful class, ideal for beginners and moms-to-be. You will be guided slowly through a variety of seated, standing and restorative postures, perfect for releasing stress and tension and rejuvenating the body and mind.

Mom & Baby / Parent & TotGreat for newbies!

Our registered Mom & Baby and Parent & Tot classes are the perfect place to connect with your little one and meet a great community of fellow moms!

Learn postures and breathing practices that will reduce some of the stress of being a new parent. Babies and toddlers join in the fun too with interactive yoga games and stories.

More information about dates and times can be found on our Registered Classes page.

PrenatalGreat for newbies!

Inside you is an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the very natural process of birth. Reconnect with this wisdom in this class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy. This gentle, yet active class, is designed to support moms-to-be through pregnancy by releasing some of the common tensions, strain and discomfort of pregnancy. Discover new awareness, and leave feeling empowered, nourished and calm.

Prenatal classes are drop in, no pre-registration is required. Join any time you are ready throughout your pregnancy.

Traditional Ashtanga

This class leads you through a portion of the traditional Ashtanga sequence. Building on what you have learned in our Foundations classes, you will begin to explore more complex postures, and focus on the steadiness of breath to cultivate the peaceful meditative quality of this practice. Familiarity with the Sun Salutations is recommended. (Sunday 9:30am is the complete Ashtanga Primary Series).

Yoga for BacksGreat for newbies!

Using the principles and specialized props developed for Critical Alignment Therapy, this class is designed to relieve strain and tension in the body by using long holds in therapeutic postures. Once tension has been released, we start to develop more effective movement patterns in the body. This class is beneficial for anyone working through injury, chronic pain, or repetitive stress injuries, or just simply looking for relaxation. You will gain a greater sense of body awareness, a release of muscular tension, possible pain reduction, and an improved feeling of physical wellness. This is a great class for beginners!

Yoga for Backs & Beyond

This class combines the principles and tools of Critical Alignment with the foundations of familiar yoga postures. This class will work deeply on removing stress, strain and inefficient movement patterns in the body, and will help build strength and develop deeper body awareness. It is recommended you have attended 3 Yoga 4 Backs classes before attending this class.

Restore & Yoga NidraGreat for newbies!

A perfect combination for body and mind, this is the ultimate class for anyone desiring deep relaxation. Begin with a gentle and restorative practice to quiet and calm the body and mind. The body is then well prepared for Yoga Nidra, or yogi sleep. Resting in a supported supine position, you will be guided into a profound state of repose using visualizations and deep relaxation techniques. No previous yoga experience is needed – all levels are welcome. This class is typically offered one Friday evening each month (date will be posted on our main page).

Yoga Philosophy

How can we take our yoga practice off of our mat and into our world? Join Ian and Emily for tea and discussion (and often homemade cookies!) one Friday every month as they take a look at some of the philosophies of the yoga practice. This is a casual environment for open discussion, questions, and discovery. All are welcome. Cost is by donation.

Work your body. Calm your mind.