Introduction to SomaticsGreat for newbies!

Learn to move with freedom and ease! Somatics will teach you how to release muscle tightness so that function improves and pain ultimately goes away.

Anyone suffering from back pain, neck or shoulder pain or tension, TMJ, sciatica, scoliosis, and other common muscle pain conditions can benefit from the practice of Somatics. This workshop will offer you the fundamentals of the Somatics practice and give you many tools for your pain-free toolbox!

A yoga mat is best for practice, and participants will need to be able to move from the floor to standing. This workshop is suitable for all ages, levels, and fitness abilities. $38 ($28 for Members. Please register at the studio.)


Somatics Refresh

Join Trish for this Somatics refresher! This is a great opportunity to refine a method that will help release chronic muscular holding patterns in the body to improve function and ultimately restore physical wellness.

Anyone who has taken the Intro to Somatics and/or the 5 week registered session is invited to attend to refresh and refine their Somatic movement and possibly even learn something new! $18 nonmembers/ $10 unlimited membership holders. (Regular passes or Free Pass cards cannot be applied)

Mom & Daughter Yoga Class for Mother's Day!Great for newbies!

Celebrate mom and nurture the precious bond between mother and daughter in this special Mother's Day class. For daughter's ages 9-14 and moms of all ages.

$25 per couple (only one person needs to register). $20 for members. $5 for any additional daughters or grandmas that want to join too!


Critical Alignment Workshops with Gert van Leeuwen

Intended for students of Critical Alignment and Yoga for Backs and for any individual interested in exploring this method of practice, these evening workshops are a great opportunity to learn from creator and founder, Gert van Leeuwen.

All levels are welcome.

Fridays, May 18 & 25. Each evening will offer different exercises and themes. $55 each.

Work your body. Calm your mind.